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Gabbioneta DSA pumps offer axial balance, proven reliability and easy maintenance in the toughest conditions, including temperatures over 120 °C.

The DSA Gabbioneta Pumps TM range are horizontal, between bearings with radial split casing and double suction impeller.

A wide range of sizes, various arrangements of suction and discharge noozzles and the three bearings arrangements available complete the variety of the offered procucts.

Double suction, closed impeller, solid hub assure axial balance under varied operating conditions.

As option, for extremely low NPSH, the AXD-AXDD pumps can be equipped with inducers.
”CARB” or hydrodynamic line bearing for high temperature application can be provided.

For special applications, casings and stuffing boxes can be equipped with special jackets.

DSA BB2 type API 610


Up to 12000 m3/h (52800 Gpm)
Up to 380 m (1200 feet)
Operating temperature
From -30 ºC (-20 ºF) to 455 ºC (851 ºF)
Standard design pressure
40 bar (580 Psig), special executions up to 100 barg (1400 Psig)
Rotational speed
Up to 3600 RPM


  • API 610 last Edition
  • All API610 class materials & special materials upon request


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