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The BS range Begemann® are single entry, vertical in-line, close coupled pumps.

The compact design minimise the number of rotating parts and renewable wear rings reduce stock holding and spare parts.
The close coupled configuration without additional alignment requirements on site reduces maintenance and down time, as well as computer designed and machined diffusers increase motor bearings and mechanical seals life.
As option pumps can be equipped with rigid shaft coupling (OH4 type) to use standard vertical shaft electric motors, standard or extended levelling plate can be supplied and fully jacketed design can be available.


  • Capacity up to 500 m3/h (2200 Gpm)
  • Head up to 300 m (1000 feet)
  • Operating temperature from -40 ºC (-40 ºF) to 250 ºC (480 ºF)
  • Standard design pressure 40 bar (580 Psig), special executions up to 64 barg (930 Psig)
  • Rotational speed up to 3600 RPM


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