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412, 412C Vertical Single Stage Split Case Pump
412, 412C Vertical Single Stage Split Case Pump


15,000 G.P.M. (3407 M3/HR)
500 Feet (152 Meters)
275°F (135°C)


  • Model 412 is vertically mounted using flexible shafting between the driver and the pump
  • Model 412C is vertical chair-mounted
  • Design recommended where floor space is limited and flooding possible
  • Vertical split case pumps require half the floor space of a horizontal split case pump
  • Inline piping arrangement allows for piping in any direction
  • Elevated motor protects against potential flooding if the pump station is in a low area
  • Cooling, Heating and Air Conditioning Service
  • Boiler Feed Service
  • Condensate Service
  • High Pressure Water Service


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