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The heavy-duty EZstrip™ hose pump with larger rollers is designed for the most arduous of applications while offering up to 30% power savings, reduced downtime thanks to the ease of hose replacement, and low starting torques compared with other market offerings.

The ease of assembly, operation, and maintenance combined with the latest peristaltic hose technology results in a heavy-duty pump for the most demanding applications.

The EZstrip hose pump is a heavy-duty peristaltic pump with extra-large rollers that offers robustness and durability. The rollers provide excellent compression of the hose with no friction and unmatchable efficiency. With low energy consumption and better hose life due to roller size, the EZstrip peristaltic hose pump also offers ease of operation with a minimal starting torque and a very wide frequency range. 

The pump bearings are installed between the rotor and the gear reducer, fully absorbing all the axial loads, which frees the reducer from fatigue and maximizes its service life. The pump features high-quality peristaltic hose with a unique manufacturing process. Its extruded inner layer, high-density textile reinforcement, and precision-machined outer layer ensure optimal compression and rapid installation thanks to control of the tolerances. 

Available materials are compatible with all types of product and working conditions. Along with its excellent performance against abrasion, temperature, and corrosion, the EZstrip hose pumps offers fast and simple assembly, commissioning, and maintenance as a result of an innovative pump design that facilitates hose replacement. As a maintenance-free pump with a lubricated-for-life system and low lubricant level, EZstrip hose pump is available in industrial, chemical, and food versions, which are configured specifically for each industry and application.


  • Extra-large rollers
  • Integrated oversized bearings
  • High-quality hose with unique manufacturing process
  • Fast and simple assembly, commissioning, and maintenance


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