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Numatics™ Series LR Rotary Actuator
ASCO Numatics LR Series
The Numatics Series LR is a rotary actuator that incorporates a low-profile rack and pinion design.
Two independent pistons drive their corresponding racks against the pinion to rotate the platform. The actuator is suitable for winemaking, analytical and diagnostic equipment, biofuels, bottling, and commercial kitchen equipment applications.
Numatics™ Series LR Rotary Actuator


Operating Environment
Corrosive, Indoor, Washdown


  • Hardcoat anodized, lightweight durable body is PTFE™ impregnated for added durability
  • Anodized aluminum rotary platform is supported by two bearings (one on each side of the pinion shaft) to provide superior dynamic load capacity
  • Built-in rotary hard stops protect rotary platform from over travel
  • External stroke adjust screws with locking set screws provide fine-tuned rotary position
  • Built-in, easily adjustable flow controls provide precise deceleration speed control in both directions
  • Proximity switches available for rotary position sensing


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