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TESCOM™ Anderson Greenwood Instrumentation H7HP Hand Valves
3/16” (4.
8 mm) orifice hard seated hand valve to ASME B31.1 or B31.3 that meets MSS-SP-105


  • Graphite stem packing for high-temperature service.
  • Free-swivelling SS ball stem prevents seating surface damage, ensures perfect alignment and bubble-tight shutoff.
  • One-piece handle assembly prevents loss due to vibration or maintenance.
  • Rolled stem threads prevent galling and extend valve life. Stem is polished to a mirror finish to minimize packing wear.
  • Back seat design provides secondary stem seal and prevents accidental stem blowout under pressure.
  • Full pressure and temperature range up to ASME Class 2500.
  • Patented bonnet lock prevents accidental loosening of the bonnet-to-body seal and allows panel mounting without additional parts.
  • Metal-to-metal bonnet-to-body seal in constant compression prevents bonnet thread corrosion, eliminates possible tensile breakage and provides a reliable seal point.
  • Repairable metal seat can be resurfaced, when not under pressure, without removing the valve from the line.
  • Materials of construction designed to meet ASME B31.1 or B31.3.
  • Range of optional end connections


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