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ASCO™ Series 616 SentronicHD Proportional Valve
The ASCO Series 616 SentronicHD is a highly accurate 3-way valve with digital control and a broad range of diagnostic functions.
The Data Acquisition Software (DaS) that comes with SentronicHD can be used to adjust the valve´s control parameters to a specific application. Command signal, feedback signal, and control parameters can be viewed in real time and adjusted as required. The SentronicHD valve can be configured for dual-loop control of process variables such as flow, force, speed, RPM, and temperature. The valve is suitable for air ride suspension systems, analytical and diagnostic equipment, biofuels, and bottling applications.
ASCO™ Series 616 SentronicHD Proportional Valve


Valve Actuation
Pipe / Port Size
G1/4 "
3 way - 3/2 Normally Closed
24 VDC
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
174 psi (12 bar)
Standards / Regulations


  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions include input pressure, target value, and current monitoring
  • Industry 4.0 ready for future-proof applications
  • Minimal power consumption (< 5 W) for low-power and remote applications
  • Integrated web server and digital display for remote access and easy maintenance
  • DaS HD software included for optimal valve configuration and calibration


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