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Damcos™ Local Power Unit - LPU
NEW GENERATION! The Damcos LPU (Local Power Unit) comprehends an integrated electro-hydraulic valve remote control system and is structured to enhance safety and efficiency to the system.
The rugged, compact and modular design of the LPU has proven itself reliable in the harsh marine environment and is developed for flexible mounting either directly on actuators or on bulkhead. The LPU comes in 3 variations with extensive capabilities to ease installation, configuration and operation.
Damcos™ Local Power Unit - LPU


Max. Running Time
Up to 8 min. depending on ambient temperature (max. 25% duty cycle)
Enclosure Rating
IP 68 - see Product Data Sheet for more detail
Ambient Temperature
-5°C to 70°C ( -25°C to 70°C on request)
14 to 21 Kg depending on type
Tank Volume
250 to 1000 mL depending on requirements
Cable Glands
1 to 4 depending on configuration
Materials of Construction
Black anodized aluminium – for more detail see Product Data Sheet


  • The Damcos LPU program covers different configurations, such as Basic, Plus, Elite, P-Net and Power
  • Modular Design in lightweight materials for safer and easier assembly and maintenance
  • Local intelligence featuring functions such as self-protection, control, feedback, alarms and bluetooth
  • Variable pump enabling easy speed adjustments for different actuator sizes (200-1500 ml/minutes)
  • IP seperation enabling safe installation under hazardous conditions
  • Plug connection enabling safe work environment even when lid is off
  • Safe hand pump functionality for safe operation without risk of draining the unit of oil
  • Automated functions for efficient start-up, handling and adjustment including self-learn, calibration, adjust and time-settings
  • Damcos LPU can match all Damcos actuators
  • Adjustable flow 200-1500 ml/min
  • Robust design and housing built for harsh marine operation
  • Meets requirements for all major industry classifications


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