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Fisher™ Type C804H-32 Internal Valve
Type C804H-32 internal valve is part of the C404-32 Series internal valve.
It utilizes a new trim seal formula designed to withstand the corrosive effects associated with Y-grade natural gas liquid (NGL) service in transport truck and large storage tank applications. This will help operators reduce premature trim replacement and process interruption, as well as lower maintenance costs. A trim conversion kit is also available for Fisher Type C404-32 4-inch internal valves.
Fisher™ Type C804H-32 Internal Valve


Body Sizes and End Connection Styles (inlet x outlet)
Inlet: 4-inch / DN 100 CL300 RF Modified Flange (5.88-inches / 149 mm diameter bore)
Outlet: 4-inch / DN 100 CL300 RF
Maximum Allowable Inlet Pressure
400 psig / 27.6 bar WOG
Excess Flow Springs
4-inch: 340, 400, 600, 800, or 1000 GPM / 1287, 1514, 2271, 3028, or 3785 l/min Propane
Temperature Capabilities
-40° to 150°F / -40° to 66°C
Approximate Weights
50 Pounds / 23 kg


  • Patented rapid equalization bleed area
  • Unique Serviceability Features
  • Excess Flow Closure
  • Back Check Feature
  • Spring loaded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) stub shaft packing
  • PTFE wear pads Rulon® Bushings at critical wear points
  • Manual, Cable, or Air Open/Close valve actuators
  • Thermal Fusible links or plugs melt at 212 to 220°F / 100 to 104°C and allow valve closure in the event of a fire at the valve


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