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Tartarini™ OS Series Pilots for Shutoff Valves
OS Series
The actuator pilots of the OS Series are especially designed for pressure control in regulators and shutoff valves, they can operate on maximum and minimum pressure, on maximum only, on minimum only.
Tartarini™ OS Series Pilots for Shutoff Valves


Available Configurations
OS/66 and OS/66 AP
Body Resistance
Set Range
OS/66 OPSO: 0,022 to 0,6bar
OS/66 UPSO: 0,007 to 0,45bar
OS/66-AP OPSO: 0,2 to 5bar
OS/66-AP UPSO: 0,1 to 2,5bar


  • The OS Series actuator pilots can be installed in the following equipment: M Series, A/100 Series, A/140 Series, RP Series, B/240 Series, Type BM7, OS/80X Series, BFL Series, Cronos Series, BM5 Series, BM6X Series


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