Emerson and Puffer-Sweiven Invite You to Attend a FREE Cybersecurity Seminar

Don’t miss our Cybersecurity Seminar on Wednesday July 12, 2017 at our Houston Service Center. This seminar will include a full discussion on developing and maintaining effective cybersecurity on your DeltaV Control System. The seminar will also immerse participants in presentations designed to guide the attendees on the use of DeltaV cybersecurity solutions and best practices to meet the emerging cybersecurity standards for Industrial Automation and Control Systems.

Cybersecurity Defense In Depth

Discussion topics will include the following Cybersecurity Solutions for DeltaV:

• Emerson Smart Firewall
• DeltaV Smart Switches

• Lock Command
• Endpoint Security and Application Whitelisting
• Security Information and Event Management
• Network Security Monitor
• Automated Patch Management
• Backup and Recovery

• Blue Coat Industrial Control System Protection
• GPS Time Server
• Cybersecurity Services for DeltaV Systems
• And much more…

Seminar Details

Date Wednesday July 12th, 2017.
Times Morning: 8:00-11:30
  Lunch: 11:30am-12:30pm;
Meals: Refreshments & Lunch Will Be Provided
  Afternoon Session: 12:30-4:00pm
Location Puffer-Sweiven | Houston Service Center | 12305 Kurland Dr. | Houston, TX 77034
Fee No Charge (Attendees must register to reserve a seat.)
Seminar Rick Gorskie
Presenters DeltaV Cybersecurity Services Program Manager
  Emerson Automation Solutions
  Alexandre Peixoto
  DeltaV Product Marketing Manager
  Emerson Automation Solutions

For Registration & Information

Questions and Registration


Please Contact Us at: DeltaVSeminar@puffer.com