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Community Involvement

Earthquake in Chile Update

March 27, 2010

It was over a month ago that we heard the devastating news about the earthquake that affected our co-workers in Chile. Much has been accomplished in the past month to recover from this disaster due largely to the resilience and strength of the Chilean people, but also from the support that you have provided to our INECO employees and their families.

Our fellow-employees at INECO have been touched by your generosity, and Cristian Glenz and the other INECO managers have shared with us how this money is being used. A committee has been set up to evaluate the needs of our employees, focusing primarily on those families who have been displaced from their homes. As previously reported, families in and around the Concepcion area have been the most affected and these employees have the biggest needs. Once the basic housing problems have been addressed, then the focus will turn to other basic necessities that have been lost within the homes.

We will continue to accept donations made payable to INECO EMPLOYEE RELIEF FUND, and sent to Human Resources, Stafford, attention Donna Jett. Once again, our INECO employees and friends appreciate your kind words, prayers, and donations. As Cristian mentioned in his last update, everyone in Chile recognizes that in the face of adversity, our INECO team, along with your support, will continue to work together to get their lives and their work back to the pre-earthquake days. Cristian sent a link to a short video which you can review here. Although it is in Spanish, the pictures speak a 1000 words and you will see what work needs to be done. Please continue to keep our INECO employees in your thoughts and prayers.