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Community Involvement

INECO Employee Relief Fund

March 17, 2010

A little more than a week since the earthquake hit Chile, and for many of our INECO coworkers, life is slowly returning to some sense of normalcy.  As you know from the updates, we have been in contact with the managers in Chile, who have been diligent in keeping us up-to-date regarding our INECO employees and their families.  Although the Santiago office is now open, our concern has focused on the 26 employees who worked in Concepcion since the damage was far more devastating and the basic necessities of life have been in short supply.  We are all relieved that there was no loss of life for any of our employees and their families, but some of our employees have lost most if not all of their belongings. Four employees in this area have extensive damage to their homes, and one of these homes has already been scheduled to be demolished by the municipality.  Families that have been displaced are currently with other family members.  Our Santiago office has arranged for basic supplies to be delivered to the Concepcion area, and as of today, we have supplied many trucks with water, food, and fuel to our affected employees.

As you know, we are taking donations for our employees who have lost literally everything, and your generosity is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.  It is often said that in the face of tragedy, you see the best in the human spirit, and so this is the case with the outpouring of generosity from our employees, principals and customers.  One of the managers has formed a committee to distribute and administer the aid in an effective and objective manner so that our employees will begin to regain their pre-earthquake quality of life.  It may be an ambitious goal, but the committee feels that this is the beginning of the healing process for our INECO employees.

If you wish to donate, you may send a check to Human Resources, attention Donna Jett made payable to the INECO Employee Relief Fund. Once the money is received at our local branch, we will be able to transfer this money to where it is needed in Chile for our INECO employees.