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Weathering Storms Requires Deep Foundations

January 27, 2016

When it comes to weather, Texas sees more variety and extremes than just about anywhere in the country. If you want to meet someone who's been through a drought, a flood, a tornado, sweltering heat, and a disastrous hurricane all in one month, you should definitely talk to a Texan.

We all know how to weather storms and in more ways than one.

Those of us at Puffer-Sweiven, a Houston-based solutions provider for process control and automation, have also learned how to face storms of a different kind; we are talking in particular about the current challenging state of the oil and gas industry. With prices dropping below $27 a barrel, and the lifting of nuclear sanctions in foreign markets, just as some major investors may already sense, consumers may have also began to develop a sense of uncertainty and lack of confidence when our, otherwise, robust economy is in question.

However, here at Puffer-Sweiven, our forecast outlook isn't so grim. 70 years of experience in establishing deep foundations brings hope in uncertainty, and has taught us how to weather any storm. Puffer-Sweiven has a long history of prioritizing and focusing in on customer needs; as well as, having a legacy of maintaining dedicated employee-owners who have a vested interest in helping our customers solve their problems by providing quality service and care, even in the harshest weather.

How Do We Do It?

Through establishing strategic alliances with Emerson Process Management, and other industry-leading manufacturers, maintaining smart investments, and holding fast to our core values and established service strategies, we strive to remain a reliable source of support to our customers. This is how we have been able to endure through the highs and lows of the economy, and many other storms, over the last 70 years.