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Control Valve Condition Monitoring

October 19, 2017

Control Valve Condition Monitoring is a diagnostic service performed by certified Fisher valve and instrument product experts. Its purpose is to identify potential failures and avoid them before they cause unsafe operating conditions and/or unplanned downtime.

Control Valve Condition Monitoring is part of Emerson’s Connected Services portfolio that allows customers to take advantage of the control valve diagnostic data and Emerson Experts to identify possible control valve problems and recommend improvements for greater control valve performance. This will increase the overall control valve reliability within a plant. These diagnostic services come with many options to allow customization to better align with your needs. Some of these services include:

  • Scalable Automation – allowing users to monitor all or just a few critical valves
  • Implementation through multiple systems
  • ValveLink Diagnostics
  • Flowscanner Diagnostics
  • Acoustic Seat Leak Detection
  • Various interfacing options
  • Local (on premise)
  • Centralized (Customer, iOps, or Monitoring and Diagnostics Center)
  • Virtual (cloud hosted)

Benefits of Control Valve Condition Monitoring

Increased Reliability:

  • Access to skilled valve experts
  • Predict potential failure conditions
  • Reduce/eliminate unplanned downtime caused by control valves
  • Greater insight into the health of your valves through use of valve diagnostics

Improved Performance:

  • Improved Valve Reliability results in lower overall maintenance costs and improved plant performance
  • Reduced loop variability
  • Energy savings

More Effective Maintenance:

  • Reduce maintenance spend on control valve assets
  • Increase predictive work orders
  • Decrease reactive work orders
  • Ensure that valves that need maintenance, get it.
  • Enables Data-Driven selection of valves to repair during Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Events to minimize maintenance costs
  • Proactive Identification of Valves to repair prior to a scheduled event

If you’d like to learn more about how Emerson can help your company improve your control valve performance, contact us at 281-240-2000.

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