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Emerson Announces Top Quartile Performance Commitment to Industry Partners

May 31, 2017

Emerson's Top Quartile Performance Commitment Strategy

Emerson announced Top Quartile Performance, a commitment to partner with industry executives to help them to achieve operations and capital performance within the top 25 percent of their peers, while also continuing to drive benchmark performance expectations even higher. Emerson has built and consistently maintained their business success through helping forward-looking company owner/operators achieve Top Quartile Performance. They skillfully find dead money sources in both new projects, as well as in existing operations, and then apply advanced automation technologies and innovative business processes to realize cost savings and competitive advantages. Why is Top Quartile Performance so important? See the illustrations below:


Creating Success in Opportunity

Aggregating the opportunity across the various industries that Emerson serves, yields a truly staggering figure of approximately a Trillion Dollars of enhanced profitability for owner/operators annually. At the same time, this strategy provides safer and more environmentally compliant and reliable operations. Emerson achieves Top Quartile Performance by using their Operation Certainty work processes in combination with their PlantWeb Digital Ecosystems technologies.

If you'd like to learn more about how Emerson can help your company capture your share of financial increase and reach top performance, contact us or visit