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Puffer-Sweiven, Exclusive Business Partner for Clearguard Autorodder in the Texas Gulf Coast Region

May 25, 2017

Puffer-Sweiven is pleased to announce a better approach to clearing tapping points through our exclusive territory representation of the Clearguard Autorodder in the Central and Gulf Coast regions of Texas, effective April 19, 2017.

"We are very excited about this product", said Jeff Deurlein, Instrumentation Business Unit Leader for Puffer-Sweiven. "The current process to clear plugged tapping points is very labor intensive and is often performed in a potentially dangerous work environment. This proven product solves this problem by not putting the maintenance team at risk in the first place. Further, the plant will realize a significant year-over-year cost savings by minimizing the required maintenance. This is a great solution for those companies that are concerned about safety, want to improve their process reliability and in parallel want to drive lower operations budget."

The Clearguard Autorodder is a proactive, preventative maintenance solution to plugged measurement (pressure, level & flow) tapping points and impulse, purge, and sensing lines. The Autorodder ensures safe plant operation by removing the hazardous task of manually rodding/reaming tapping points, or using excess purge to try and maintain efficient production. With reliable measurements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can focus on safe production, performance, and profit.



Ben Cammack, Vice President of Global Operations stated, "We are excited to have appointed Puffer-Sweiven as our exclusive territory representative for the Autorodder. Puffer-Sweiven's technical expertise, industry experience and service and solutions capability combined with our patented solution will ensure plants have safe, accurate and reliable measurement."

"Puffer-Sweiven is well known as being a market leader throughout the Central and Gulf Coast Regions of Texas and provides unmatched solutions and services. Their established client base, combined with the Autorodding solution will ensure a win-win-win for the customer, Puffer-Sweiven & Clearguard."

About Puffer-Sweiven

For over 70 years, Puffer-Sweiven has set the standard in equipment and services for process control, automation, safety, and reliability. We help process-intensive facilities run more efficiently and safely by delivering quality products, technical support, and knowledgeable staff to implement the needed process solutions — with the goal of exceeding customer expectations. Our dedication brings the most advanced products and services to our customers throughout the Central and Gulf Coast regions of Texas. As a Local Business Partner of Emerson, we offer a broad base of superior solutions including the top product lines for a given application.

About Clearguard Autorodder

Founded in 2000, the Autorodder is engineered in Perth, Western Australia, and manufactured in Australia and the USA to suit a wide range of installations and processes. Our Autorodder is designed in accordance with ASME and ANSI standards, using ASTM and DIN specific materials and grades, manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards. The Clearguard Autorodder is the solution to plugged instrument tapping points and impulse lines.

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