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Rotating Machinery Online Condition Monitoring

October 3, 2017

As a Local Business Partner of Emerson, we at Puffer-Sweiven provide a full suite of reliability applications and solutions for all your rotating equipment reliability needs.

Rotating machines in every plant have the ability to impact production if they fail. Although your critical machines may have vibration shutdown protection systems in place to prevent catastrophic failure, predictive intelligence is the key to improving the reliability of plant assets.

Emerson’s AMS 6500 ATG system allows users to cost-effectively introduce the advantages of predictive intelligence while modernizing their existing protection system. Emerson’s protection+prediction solution addresses the most significant challenges customers face when installing new or interacting with their existing monitoring systems.

Production Critical Assets

The AMS 6500 ATG system features API 670 compliant protection with embedded prediction functionality that includes PeakVue™ technology for rolling element bearing and gear fault detection. Online vibration monitoring is part of an essential reliability strategy for critical production assets. Real-time monitoring with the AMS 6500 ATG prevents catastrophic failure while also providing diagnostics that support early identification and resolution of vibration anomalies.

Real-Time Feedback

Real-time machinery health feedback that integrates with digital control systems provides predictive warnings so you can run your plant with confidence. When you identify contributing factors and correlate plant processes, this will help determine significant changes or events in machinery behavior.

Transient Data Analysis

There are significant benefits to analyzing machinery vibration data during start-up and shutdown operations that reveal rotor dynamics that are not readily observed during a steady state condition. The ability to capture and display transient vibration amplitude and phase relationships in various formats such as polar plots, bode plots, waterfall plots, and shaft centerline plots is instrumental in diagnosing machinery problems associated with critical operating speeds, shaft rubs, and rotor imbalance on critical turbo machinery.

To learn more about how the AMS 6500 ATG can help you improve reliability in your facility, contact Puffer-Sweiven at 281-240-2000.

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