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Common Failures in Progressive Cavity Pump Applications

April 9, 2018

Are you having performance issues with your progressive cavity pumps? These extremely versatile pumps are used in several different pumping applications and offer all the advantages of a positive displacement pump. They are explicitly designed for abrasion resistance in tough pumping applications. Over time, equipment failure occurs which can be frustrating and inconvenient. Our factory-trained service technicians offer the broadest knowledge available on the most common progressive cavity pump failures including:

  • Worn Stators – A worn stator may appear pitted and gouged, or look to be smooth similar to new. If unable to measure performance adequately, the rotor to stator fit may be the problem.
  • Abrasive Wear – Abrasive wear occurs when the elastomer is worn from the presence of abrasives in the produced fluid. Tell-tale abrasion patterns appearing on the ridges and/or grooves of the rotor indicate excessive wear. Sometimes re-plating the rotor can extend its life a little longer versus replacement.
  • Chemical Attack – Pockmarks or pitting on the rotor’s surface often indicates chemical incompatibility which attacks either the chrome plating or the base metal of the rotor. Stator swelling or shrinking is also a clear sign of chemical attack.
  • Run Dry – The inner surface of a run dry stator is hard and has a very rough orange peel like texture, often beginning at the suction end. It may also have a burnt smell and the elastomer may be smeared or melted on the rotor.

Puffer-Sweiven Rotating Equipment (formerly Bullen Pump, Inc.) specializes in helping customers address the challenge of minimizing total cost of ownership without jeopardizing process continuity or product quality. Experienced, factory-trained pump repair mechanics will provide a full inspection report of the pump’s overall condition. A professional analysis of equipment failure modes is accompanied with detailed requirements to get the pump back in full working order.

Repaired pump orders include an in-depth customer data book documenting the condition of the pump received, parts replaced, service performed and test reports as a record of history. Users will possess absolute confidence that the equipment will be returned successfully repaired and ready to be reinstalled into service.

Our modern, fully-equipped 140,000 square-foot design, fabrication, machine shop, and repair facility features:

  • 25 Ton Crane with 21 Foot Clearance/13 Bridge Cranes
  • Sand Blasting Stations
  • SharperTek® Multi Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  • Paint Booth for Dry Coat and Water Based Painting
  • Impeller Trim Machining Capabilities
  • Dynamic Balancing System
  • Performance Flow Testing (20,000 gallon)
  • Temperature Testing up to 180 ºF
  • Machining Capabilities (Milling, Boring, Turning, Grinding)
  • Shaft Alignment
  • AWS Certified Welders
  • PMI Certification

Backed by over 70 years of pumping solutions and expertise, we understand every situation is critical, unique and often urgent. Puffer-Sweiven is ready to service compressorsblowers and gearboxes along with positive displacement and centrifugal pumps. Additional serviced pump styles include; Roto-Jet, progressive cavity, vertical turbines, split case, submersible, wet-pit/cantilever, end-suction, ANSI, API, gear and rotary lobe. We are dedicated to meeting our customer’s needs by providing solutions with advanced technology, exceptional quality, competitive pricing and outstanding support.

"I greatly appreciate the way our pump service was handled and completed. The quality of your service has insured that as long as I am involved you will have our business. The work and effort that you and Bobby put in to get my pump turned around same day was top shelf. Thanks Again."

- Sean Dias, Senior Maintenance Technician with Sunoco L.P, Direct Fuels

Puffer-Sweiven Rotating Equipment provides the design, solution, equipment, applications experience, and after-sale service and support to fulfill and exceed expectations in the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, water, industrial or municipal wastewater, food, power, pulp & paper or semiconductor industries.

For more information, please contact Puffer-Sweiven at (281) 240-2000. We are conveniently located at Beltway 8 and I-45.