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The HT “Twins” series is everything you hoped for in an economical yet rugged slurry pump design.
Twin volute balances the loads in unpredictable conditions, helping extend seal and bearing life. Run dry capable and able to handle up to 40% solids.
With the Twin-Volute design, the thrust force is balanced by opposing 180 degree discharge outlets. The result is less loading on the motor bearings and seal which will extend the life of the pump.
HT-MS Series pumps come standard with a shielded power cable equipped with a built-in diode for ground fault monitoring with available option to upgrade the pump casing to high chrome.


  • Anti-Clog Run-Dry design
  • Balanced radial forces for longer bearing & seal life
  • Increased wall thickness to withstand abuse
  • Balanced shaft loading
  • Large internal passages
  • Top discharge
  • Robust agitator
  • High-Chrome wear components
  • Double mechanical seal with SiC faces
  • HI slurry class 1
  • Built in thermal protection


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