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BLB Series, Metering Pumps, Model 4714

The Zenith B Series pumps are designed to provide stable, precise and repeatable flow control of process fluid despite variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure. The Zenith B Series pumps are broadly applied to metering services such as colorings, catalysts, resins, flavorings, perfumes, vitamins, oils, adhesives, coatings, paints/varnishes, polymers, lubricants, dyes, defoamers, pharmaceuticals, urethanes, fuels and viscose.


Available Capacities
5 – 100 cc / rev
Flow Rate
0.8 – 285 GPH
Max Operating Temperature
300F (150C)
Max Inlet Pressure
Up to 500 psi
Max Discharge Pressure
Up to 3000 psi
Viscosity Range
cp Up to 500,000


  • Zenith BLB Series metering pumps deliver precise, pulseless, and repeatable flow control performance. Zenith precision metering pumps greatly improve product quality while eliminating costly overdosing.
  • High Accuracy – stable, repeatable flow control despite process variations in temperature, viscosity, and pressure.
  • High Pressure – precision manufacturing techniques hold tolerances to + .00005" (1.25 micron), allowing gear clearances to be kept to a minimum and high process pressures to be achieved.
  • Pulseless – precise, rotary spur gears provide smooth, continuous, pulseless flow.
  • Valveless – precision metering gears eliminate troublesome check valves used in reciprocating pumps.
  • Active Flowmeter – unparalleled mechanical precision combined with a closed-loop Zenith ZeDrive™ controller ensures exact flow control without the addition of expensive flowmeters.
  • Long Life – only three moving parts – components through hardened to Rc -54 or higher for wear resistance and strength.
  • Multi-pump Ratio Capability – outer drive gear allows multiple pumps to be driven at different gear ratios by a single motor.
  • Maintaining reliable flow control despite variations in temperature, viscosity and pressure.


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