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Brawn M series mixers are engineered specifically for high performance in small-batch/continuous mixing applications, where the modular features of the B series mixers are required in a lighter, more economical package.

The flexibility of the M series platform makes it well suited for applications in a variety of industries, including chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and health and beauty processing, as well as in water/wastewater treatment. M series mixers are available with stainless steel or high strength aluminum housings, and feature flexible output couplings for over-torque protection and to absorb shock loads. A variety of mounting options are also available.

M Series Mixers


Open Tank & Closed Tank
Direct Drive & Gear Drive
Electric Motor & Air Motor
Square Pitch Prop, AF3 Hydrofoil & Custom


  • Top Entry
  • Closed Tank Options
  • Direct or Gear Drive
  • Flexible Output Coupling
  • Dual Sealed Bearings
  • Multiple Mount Options
  • Multiple Wetted Parts Material Options
  • All-stainless mixer assembly available
  • Fully sealed and lubricated bearings
  • Engineered specials available


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